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The official "how-to" wiki for employees and volunteers of ASUWT, the Associated Students of University of Washington Tacoma.

"How do I....?"Edit

Our mission is to create an encyclopedia of frequently asked “How do I…” questions, paired with corresponding “This is how…” step-by-step instructions.

List of Universal Tasks (Everyone does these)

  • Purchase requests

  • Travel and U Car requests

  • Plan an event from start to finish

    • UUF requests

    • TV Ad requests

    • Printing Requests

  • Timesheets

  • Submit Website Updates

List of Job Specific Tasks (Someone does these)

  • President

    • Find and appoint a student to a university committee

    • Prepare for a meeting with UWT administration

  • Vice President (VP)

    • Prepare Senate Meeting agendas

    • Assist with Senate Bills and Resolutions

    • Prepare for a 1-on-1 meeting with a Senator

  • Finance Chair

    • Prepare and submit the SAFC budget

    • Do monthly bookkeeping

    • Write a report to the Senate

    • Do a travel refund for the LL

  • Legislative Liaison (LL)

    • Submit a Travel Refund Requests

    • Write a report to Senate and President

  • Senator (as a legislator)

    • Introduce a new bill or resolution

    • Amend a bill or resolution

    • Prepare for a Senate meeting

    • Behave during a Senate meeting

    • Revise the ASUWT Constitution or By-Laws

  • Senator (as an executive)

    • Universal

      • Write a monthly committee report

      • Prepare for a 1-on-1 meeting with the Vice President

    • ICC (Initiatives and Concerns)

      • Plan and execute the ASUWT quarterly survey

      • Collect student feedback and concerns

    • LAC (Legislative Affairs)

      • Do Voter Registration

      • Plan and execute Huskies on the Hill and WSA Lobby Days

    • PR (Public Relations)

      • Plan and execute OPF (Open Public Forum) - (once per quarter)

      • Collect and submit website updates

      • Update social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

    • SSC (Student Services)

      • Plan and execute the Transportation Fair (once per quarter)

    • STFC (Student Technology Fee)

      • Recruit committee members and form a committee

      • Run a meeting

      • Schedule the Special and Annual Allocations processes

      • Promote the Allocations processes

  • Office Manager (AKA Office Secretary)

    • Handle UUF Requests (submitted to Office Manager via Dawg Den)

    • Take minutes during Senate Meetings

    • Manage timesheets

  • Latest activityEdit

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